Hanson-Smith, Ltd. is a small consulting firm located in Washington State.

Since 1980, Hanson-Smith, Ltd. has provided technical and business expertise to a diverse nationwide clientele. On hundreds of projects, we have helped our clients meet a wide range of strategic and tactical goals, often assuming a hands-on role in associated research, validation, and implementation tasks. We balance the pursuit of innovative opportunities with measures to mitigate risk.

Most work involved development, sale, procurement, delivery, or use of computer software. We draw on broad experience in designing, building, evaluating, and packaging software – with special expertise in distributed computing, data integration, data mining, user-driven design, and process improvement.

Hanson-Smith, Ltd. clients include software vendors, service firms, public sector organizations, consultants, utilities, start-ups, and investors. Hanson-Smith, Ltd. began in Connecticut; after a decade in Chicago, we recently moved to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Work today is limited, and focuses on a small number of interesting clients, projects, and patents (Message conduit systems with algorithmic data stream control and methods for processing thereof, US 20090259612 A1) .

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