Focus areas

Over three decades, we have worked on a wide range of problems, described briefly below.

Generalist and specialist

The nature of our work and expertise often puts us in the role of generalist – bringing experience and a fresh perspective to a client’s situation. When organizations launch into new areas, projects can get in trouble or bogged down due to unfamiliar problems – even when the team has an intimate undestanding of core businesses and technologies. New markets, new paradigms, edge cases, and industry evolution create special challenges. An outsider’s slant helps avoid pitfalls and missed opportunities.

But to be an effective generalist, a consultant must draw on considerable subject matter expertise. We always tackle a number of “hands-on” projects each year, to maintain technical and business currency.

Technology perspectives

We have a long-standing fascination with various technical areas.
  • Object-oriented and messaging technology – beginning with design and implementation work that dates back to the 1970s, long before such concepts were fashionable
  • Language and protocol design – including many specialized languages targeted for particular application spaces
  • Development methods, standards, and tools
  • Database technology
  • Analytic processing, decision support, and data mining
  • User interface design
  • Minimizing design complexity through such techniques as orthogonal feature sets, consistent naming schemata, and extensible/adaptive components

Business perspectives

Our experience, technical scope, and analytic skills have been particularly effective in business situations where a “big picture” approach is needed.
  • Developing business strategies
  • Formalizing business strategies in business plans and related documents
  • Evaluating and refining the positioning of products, product lines, and service offerings
  • Evaluating technical and business priorities
  • Evaluating and mitigating technology risk
  • Developing RFPs/RFIs and evaluating vendor responses
  • Helping vendors develop responses to RFPs/RFIs
  • Preparing technical content for patent specifications
  • Conducting due diligence before an investment or acquisition
  • Facilitating seminars and workshops, such as JAD sessions
  • Business and process re-engineering